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Office Buildings

Office buildings are specifically designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of corporate organizations and businesses. They are meticulously curated spaces for companies to conduct their operations efficiently and effectively.


Residential Building

Residential buildings are structures carefully designed and constructed for people to live in. They provide shelter, privacy, and comfortable living space for individuals, families, or multiple households. The purpose of a residential building is to provide a secure space for individuals or families to live and engage in their daily activities.


Hospital Building

Hospital buildings are critical infrastructures that provide medical care and support to patients. These buildings are designed to provide efficient healthcare delivery services and create a conducive and hygienic environment. The interior spaces are often designed with energy efficient systems and waste management strategies to ensure the comfort of the patients.


Warehouse Development

The warehouse development is designed to provide a large-scale storage facility that caters for various industries and businesses’ storage needs. These buildings are equipped with surveillance cameras, access control systems, and fire suppression systems, to ensure the safety of stored goods.

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Factory Building

Factory buildings are industrial or manufacturing buildings that are specifically designed for the efficient operation of machinery/ equipment and storage of raw materials and finished products. Factory buildings often require robust infrastructure which includes; high-capacity electrical systems, ventilation systems for air quality control, and specialized water treatment to ensure smooth operations.


Educational Buildings

Educational buildings are edifices built in the form of classrooms of schools to halls of universities, these structures are specifically designed to enhance the learning experience and also accommodate the student population. The building development requires a number of services including the provision of sustainable water, smart services, and plumbing services to ensure a conducive and inspiring environment for students.

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Mission critical Facilities

These specialized structures are designed to provide uninterrupted operations and support systems in various sectors. These facilities are crucial for the smooth functioning of data management, defence operations, telecommunication networks, and correctional systems.


Datacenter Facilities

Datacenter facilities are purpose-built structures that are designed to house computer systems, network infrastructure and storage systems. These facilities are equipped with power supplies, HVAC systems, backup generators, suppression mechanisms, and advanced security measures to ensure uninterrupted operation and protection of critical data. Datacenter facilities are the backbone of the digital infrastructure used for processing, storing, and delivering data.

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Military Facilities

Military facilities are specialized installations deployed to support the administrative and logistical needs of armed forces. These infrastructures play a vital role in maintaining military operations and national defence, they include surveillance technologies and restricted access points.



Museums are historical buildings for preserving and displaying art, and other collections.

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Auditoriums and theatres are vibrant spaces used for performances, film shows, concerts, and other entertainment events. These buildings are carefully designed to enhance visibility and audience comfort.


Religious Building

Religious buildings are sacred spaces where individuals and communities assemble to worship and find solace. These structures are designed to provide a serene environment for ritual and religious ceremonies. MEP Insights plays a vital role in the overall functionality and operation of this building.

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Sport and Recreation Center

A sport and recreation centre is specifically designed for athletic and leisure purposes. These centres provide a wide range of services to promote physical fitness and sport.


Correction Facilities

Correction facilities are specialized prison institutions designed for the confinement, rehabilitation, and supervision of individuals who are convicted of a crime. These facilities play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and security of inmates and staff members. These facilities are designed to provide uninterrupted operations and safeguard critical assets, they include surveillance systems, firefighting services, and plumbing systems.

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Telecommunications Facilities

These facilities are equipment and infrastructure that enable the transmission, routing, and reception of voice, data, and video signals. They ensure widespread coverage, uninterrupted connectivity, and reliable communication services by providing a backup system.


Court Houses

Court houses are purpose-built structures designed for judges and legal practitioners. They are physical spaces where legal proceedings are conducted, disputes are resolved and justice is administered.

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